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    The depth of beauty lies within, covered with just layers of mask that may be changed again and again by yourself, trying to be one of greatest or one of worst. Moving far away from home just staying like a tenants to others. Acceptance is that believe, that is making sure you love the way … Continue reading ME, IS MY HOME!
    The door is closed no need to peek,Left with pieces came together now,Just gaze only to my solitary success,As given wound evolved as a phoenix,The cram mind now immaculated,Breaking the chains of tug of war,Along the sides of brain,As free as a bird being now,Enduring this silence.The breathe now merged with calmness,Nourishing the soul,Meeting myself … Continue reading TRANQUIL
    The walk of life being didactic,Went through heap of grudges,Continued to walk monotonously,Induced with innumerable experiences.Waiting for a plain roof,Compromised with the rocks beneath,Chapped foot resulted too,Protected with hope.Mazed on the way,Finding the right direction,But questioned with whose trust?Obstinate hope lies within,Who will listen to them?Persist to build the ways,Turning surroundings to green.Water splashed around,Lead … Continue reading THE WALK OF LIFE
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