The depth of beauty lies within, covered with just layers of mask that may be changed again and again by yourself, trying to be one of greatest or one of worst. Moving far away from home just staying like a tenants to others. Acceptance is that believe, that is making sure you love the way you are. Being the original you, being in home. Home that you are proud to be in does not need anyone’s name plate but yours!

To the best part, imaculating your depth of thinking by understanding the external forces. Decide what to intake, like how you choose to decor your home, to make it comfy, to make it lovable, to make it breathable, to make sure whenever you be here you are in peace, peace that you wish for to reside within you. That peace at your home is what be appealing for outside visitors searching for same, entering at your doorstep. Everyone with their real self being with you, enjoying your company, loving your uniqueness, your authenticity is what making grow to be a kind person. Wearing no mask, no more pretending, no more caged under their flow of thinking about you.
Everyone needs to be the proud owner of theirselves, building their own part in this world, permanently. Its okay to be you, with the flaws and with strength. Someone is defined to be there, who will choose your home, be it in anyway, if they feeling better, they will stay!


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5 thoughts on “ME, IS MY HOME!

  1. Very good, our thoughts become the costumes we wear and the patterns that animates our form.
    Our beauty is always intact within our core ready to shine. Realizing this transforms our lives. Thanks.

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  2. Astonishing image and a beautiful message dear 🥰


      1. You are most welcome ❤️


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