Dependent is the life,
On a manmade paper with numbers,
Running towards it,
That there is a huge gap that occurred,
Constantly making ways,
For the stomach to fill in,
Making the bridges somehow,
And somehow managed to make it,
The ropes may be shaking,
The wooden planks be having a crack under your feet,
But don’t give up too easily to fell down to death,
Move forward with the mind that you will definitely reach,
Depend your life on deeds,
Rather than on manmade papers with numbers,
Deeds you can do because of God that you’re here,
Don’t stop until you keep doing it,
And don’t feel to leave everything until the God permit,
Keep faith and just go on,
That you will reach to your needs too soon!

  The short lines that I felt to write because nowadays whenever I switch to a news channel I see someone commiting suicides by not getting there needs completed or their dreams have been left out due to this huge pause.
         I felt like our life has become a dependent case where we need something to make our life depend on. And if that stuff is not getting by us we easily choose to end our lives which is wrong.
         God has gifted us this life then who are we to end it without his concern. I feel like he has send us for a reason and that reason has to be completed by us! No matter what we should’nt decide to end it. We must keep going forward whatever the situation occurs. Let him decide that when we should stop till then just go with the flow and keep faith on him! Make yourself clear that this situation will end soon and again their will be rise of new hopes and happiness!

Stay Happy Stay Safe!


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20 thoughts on “DEPENDENT LIFE

  1. God is our source, let’s stay positive because He can never fail us.

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  2. Really wise words! I’m so happy to see this piece and to learn about your thoughts behind it. Loved this ❤

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  3. It tells what is the importance of God in our life.


  4. So true. Life is sacred and we should learn to separate ourselves from the happenings around us. Your words are illuminating and need to be heard, thanks for sharing.

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