In every life of me and yours dream about a person that you found to be in touch of you. May be as a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or any other relation that keep you and them attached, because you like that person’s behaviour, nature, the way they do talks (<sarcasm), their sense of humour, their looks, and so on and may be for their passionate outcome of doing a particular work.

            You require that person any how in life. So you start observing them. You start to stalk them. You just watch them, that of what qualities of people do they have in their list. With whom do they sit and stand. And you gradually try to imitate the people of their kind.
Sometime try to do rehersal of it, before you actually going to meet that person in face.

When you both meet~           
               You are nervous now, you start thinking how could you manage to collect all the chaos in mind. Ok you’re taking a deep breath to calm down. And the conversation just begins. The person talking in his normal way, whereas you just thinking every bit of words in mind before you utter it. In short just acting what you rehearsed. Worrying if something comes out of syllabus. (Oh! stop laughing, its serious). After that moment cane to end the person liked you at first meet, you burst into a happiest person ever to be on cloud nine.

             Gradually you both come closer with talks, you dole every happiness and sadness but you do wearing a rehearsed pretend mask. And after sometime you just steadily behave removing the mask. Thinking that “Ok! now no need to pretend more I will slowly be in my way of dealing, he or she won’t recognise at all!”

               At the point when you are in your actual state of mind and talks. The person is getting surprises of your every real talks. They are doing calculations of previous and present numbers you showed them, and guess what you don’t know even the shadow of it! The person thinks that now you’re changing yourself (even though being your real self ) And eventually they leaves you because of not getting the same vibe.

               With all this play the thing that is very important to understand is to be yourself at every and each point you behave. Even if you have a uniqueness in you just show if off, may be the person around would actually love it or may hate. But its absolute alright. Being different is not a crime. Even Michal Jackson was so different with his dance style but now everyone try to imitate him and his dance has become a kind of dance form.
            If you are being real then only the people around you will be real. They will be in your list of permanent fans, they will be the one who actually loves and accepts you in every little things you do or behave. So don’t try to imitate and be you and give a chance to others to imitate your extraordinaryness! (because no one likes chameleon even having a different pretty colours!)

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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4 thoughts on “BEING REAL

  1. Beautiful article

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  2. I think people just need to be honest, be truthful, not try to be somebody they are not. This only works if both people react in the same way. In this day of social media trolling and influencing, it is very hard to determine who is real and who is merely pretending.

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