Everything is fine,
Until a catchy stuff pass by,
Better than us that looks pretty divine,
That’s where the comparison list in mind lay.

One by one step by step,
Mouth is just ready to scream,
“Oh gosh! my fluffy tummy out there,
This creepy stains on face of acne,
Being like a roasted cherry on this ill flavoured face!
If trying to act some “SASHAYED WALK” ,
Though in reality looks a “BABY ELEPHANT WALK!”

Perfect to hide this hideous under makeup,
But lady that’s what the models do at end!
Hiding at back of a beautiful curtain,
Doesn’t make you ‘MISS BEAUTY’ though!

If you are skinny,
~Why you are so skinny?
If you are fat,
~Why so fat?
Are you the most perfect person to judge this,
Or just scoring us and lend us prize?
Like “Okay so this prize goes to you for being THE PERFECT PERSON AS HELL!”

In the struggling periods the rich might not be so catchy,
But now that they earn,
Groomed with unnatural beauty,
With the play of money.

Imperfectness lies in each of everyone,
Even you are beautiful or unattractive,
The beautiful lady might don’t have confidence,
Even there are unattractive ones who wear confidence in their sleeves!

If trying for being perfect,
Instead of hoarding negative exchange it with positivity,
If you think perfect you are perfect,
Then only one can find beauty in being imperfect too.

So just strut in the street,
Like there is no one like you,
Don’t imulate and be a unique kind of you,
That everyone would try to compete on!


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  1. I loved it. You worded it so wisely. The last stanza gives me life. ❤
    I wrote a similar poem called 13 verses of truth on my blog and I think you'll relate to it cause we share the same ideology =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s cool will visit your blog!😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pleasure connecting…😊😊
        You write amazing blogs.
        Keep it up.
        Keep writing.Keep inspiring.

        Liked by 1 person

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