Dependent is the life,On a manmade paper with numbers,Running towards it,That there is a huge gap that occurred,Constantly making ways,For the stomach to fill in,Making the bridges somehow,And somehow managed to make it,The ropes may be shaking,The wooden planks be having a crack under your feet,But don't give up too easily to fell down to... Continue Reading →


In every life of me and yours dream about a person that you found to be in touch of you. May be as a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend or any other relation that keep you and them attached, because you like that person's behaviour, nature, the way they do talks (<sarcasm), their sense of humour, their looks,... Continue Reading →


After getting toiled throughout the day,Its a time for something interesting play,Through the medium of the mind,For some relief to be find. To imagine something that serene,For creating a bunch of scene,Its the time to eager for,Leading to something affirmative for sure. The mindmade dreams directed by us,Just a unpaid play to have a stare... Continue Reading →


In a life of sixty to eighty years,You sense so many stuff,The sense that includes love, jealously, fear,And you go with that flow without any bluffs. Some sense just affects you so much,You think on it hundred times as such,The sense of being tortured,The sense of being ignored,The sense of being alone,And its all the... Continue Reading →


          Nepotism, nepotism, nepotism the every now and then chapter which is getting every attention through all kind of aspects. Though it has started from years back even though there no such media, scrutiny or the nosy people. 'King's son will be the tomorrow's King' was the scenerio and this thought was a compliance, people... Continue Reading →

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